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STAT 201
Intro to Business Statistics

This course will introduce basic statistical tools from probability and descriptive statistics. These have valuable "real-world" applications in a variety of fields. We will explore many of these applications, in a wide range of areas, from gambling, to the stock market, to environmental concerns, to civil rights, to sports. The class will prepare you to take STAT 301, the main business statistics course.

Students having difficulty with the course are always welcome to see the instructor during office hours (listed in the course syllabus). The university also provides tutoring resources; the schedule is posted here.

Grades for the "Ultimate Knowledge Festival" for the Spring Semester of 2017 are posted here. Students are identified by the last four digits of the student number. Course grades will be available on MyStetson (aka BannerWeb), on Monday morning, May 15.

Syllabus Homework Assignments Old Exams Grades are assigned with 
          a random number generator

Homework Assignments and In-Class Activities

You learn from what you do, far more than from what you hear. Our time together in class will include a lecture component. But the the bulk of the class will normally be devoted to hands-on learning activities.

The in-class activities are generally intended to be collaborative efforts. Similarly, you are welcome, and encouraged, to consult with fellow students in completing out-of-class homework assignments. However, you final homework writeup must be your own, in your own words. Rule of thumb: if I can tell at a glance whom you worked with, then you have gone beyond the bounds of acceptable collaboration.

We will also be reading Darrell Huff's classic book How to Lie with Statistics in this course. You will complete a series of assignments that will help you retain and apply the concepts in that book.

The schedule below outlines the assignments and activities for the semester. Please note that assignments are NOT accepted late. However, your lowest two homework grades and lowest two activity grades will be dropped, in computing your course grade.

Week Date Homework
due this week
Done in class
this week
What we'll cover
in class this week
Mon Wed
1 1/18   A1: Course Intro Standard Deviation
2 1/23 1/25*
3 1/30 2/1 H1: Standard Deviation A2: Risk and Return Normal Distribution
4 2/6 2/8 H2: Normal Distribution A3: Are Stock Markets Normal? Correlation and Regression
5 2/13 2/15 H3: Correlation and regression BASIC SKILLS TEST
6 2/20 2/22 H4: Huff I A4: Analyzing Death Data Interpreting Regression
7 2/27 3/1 H5: Regression examples A5: Election models  
3/6 3/8 SPRING BREAK!!!
8 3/13 3/15   A6: Best Place to Live Rankings and Ratings
9 3/20 3/22 H6: Ranking Systems A7: Production Management Expected Value
10 3/27 3/29 H7: Huff II A8: Analyzing Gambles Expected Variance
11 4/3 4/5 H8: Expected Value A9: What-If Analysis  
12 4/10 4/12 H9: Pretest review SECOND "KNOWLEDGE FESTIVAL"
13 4/17 4/19 H10: Huff III A10: Probability I Probability
14 4/24 4/26 H11: Probability Applications A11: Probability II Conditional Probability
15 5/1 5/3 H12: Probability Applications II A12: Course Review  

*Note that Monday classes do not meet during Week 1 (because of the Martin Luther King holiday). The Wednesday class in Week 2 (on 1/25) is a makeup day and will meet only for students who missed the first day of class.