Emergency Gear (Jump Kit) Packing List

On your person

  RADIO   Speaker mike   Extra batteries   BNC adaptors
  Cig lighter adaptor   Earphone/headphones   Notebook/pen   Watch/clock
  Water container   Address book   Pocketed vest   ID
  Money   Sun glasses   Multitool   Medications
  Rubber bands   Paper clips   Snacks   Compass/whistle/matches
  Kleenex   Chapstick   Earplugs   Eye protection
  Stainless steel mirror   Hard candy   Hiking boots   Hat

Within easy reach (backpack)

  Extra HT   Glasses/contacts   High gain HT antennas   Extra AA batteries
  Cap   Vitamins   Rain poncho   Insect repellent
  Sun screen   Small First Aid Kit   Safety pins   Cord (2 50' lengths)
  Clipboard w/NTS forms etc.   Maps (Road, topo)   Markers   Repeater directory
  Kerchief/towel   Binoculars   Flashlight   Hammock
  Calculator   Post-Its   Scanner/weather radio   Leather gloves
  Salt   Water treatment   Bags and baggies   Eating utensils
  Food   Camera   GPS Unit  

in a toolbox

  144 MHz SWR Meter   Multimeter   Propane solder torch/solder   Slingshot/fishing line
  Mini jumper cables   Headset/mic   Fuses   Return address labels
  Coax   Coax seal   Duct tape   Electrical tape
  Misc connectors/adaptors   Misc hand tools   Small tape measure   Rope
  Cigarette socket splitter   Fire sticks   Butane lighter   Sterno

In secure storage (your car)

  Power station w/charge   Antenna assortment   Change of clothes/groom kit   Camp shovel