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In 2006, a group of students from Stetson University were led by their theatre professor and his wife on a journey to encounter, explore, and respond to two international theatre festivals: the XXI Festival Internacional de Teatro Hispano (21st International Hispanic Theatre Festival) in Miami, Florida, June 2006; and the XXXIV Festival Internacional Cervantino (34th International Cervantes Festival) in Guanajuato, Mexico, October 2006. These pages are an abbreviated record of their responses to that experience.

This travel/study program was performed under the auspices of the Latin American Studies Mentored Field Experience at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. Instituted in 1996 and occurring annually ever since, the purpose of the Mentored Field Experience is administered by Stetson University’s Latin American Studies program is for one or two professors in a given academic discipline to mentor a small group of student scholars who travel abroad in order to experience first-hand developments in that discipline in the context of another Latin American country and/or culture.

This year's theatre project yielded in-depth reviews from 8 theatre productions, not merely from Miami and Mexico, but also from Colombia, Spain, Paraguay, Russia, and the United Kingdom. The plays ranged from new or original scripts to adaptations or spinoffs of classic plays to faithful renditions of the classics, and included texts by Shakespeare, Goethe, García Lorca, and Cervantes, among others.

In addition to the main purpose of the project, the group also explored other opportunities to experience Latin American culture in the area of travel; these activities included visiting a pre-Colombian archaelogical site and a tequila factory tour.

The participants in this year’s MFE and co-authors of these pages are:

  • Rebecca Barnett, Music major (Guitar)
  • Eileen Betancourth, Theatre Arts, Spanish, and Psychology major
  • Rob Esparza, Theatre Arts major
  • Leah Floyd, English major
  • Elise Holt, Theatre Arts major
  • Cathleen Plazas, Theatre Arts and Psychology major
  • Dr. Ken McCoy, Assoc. Professor and Chair, Communication Studies and Theatre Arts, and his wife Michele, an elementary school teacher in Volusia County, Florida

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