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1776: Huron Playhouse 2006
Benjamin Franklin

Flashback: And You Films 2006
Pirate Captain

Persistence: Eye on U Films 2003
Ken (Security Guard)

View the entire award-winning film online here (11 min)

Astonishing News: Nippon TV (Japan) 2002
Greek Prison Breaker: Olga's Husband

Amadeus: Bowling Green State University, BG, OH 1993
Count Orsini-Rosenberg


Steamboat Comin': Dubuque, IA Arts Council, 1991
Fabricius (principal)


The Threepenny Opera, Clarke College, Dubuque, IA 1989


The Kid: U of AL at Birmingham, 1979
The Deputy

Bedroom Farce:
U of AL at Bham, 1982


A Midsummer Night's Dream:
U of AL at Birmingham, 1979


A Christmas Carol:
Bham Children's Theatre, 1981
Old Joe (rag and bone man)

Fifth of July, Stage Left Theatre Co., Chicago, IL 1984 /So. IL Univ.  at Carbondale, 1983
"Deadpan Ken McCoy is hilarious in his off-the-wall, drugged-out, sudden enthusiasm for UFOs and Eskimo lore" - Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Reader.
"I like Ken McCoy's easy way with the guitar and his genuine naivete as the hanger-on."  - Glenna Syse, Chicago Sun-Times.
"Another brilliant performance came from Ken McCoy . . . . His portrayal was effective because of his casual, but concentrated, stage presence. -Terry Levecke, SIU Daily Egyptian.

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