Crimes of the Heart
 by Beth Henley
 Stetson University Stover Theatre
 April 1997

Set in a small town in southern Mississippi in October of 1974, Crimes of the Heart concerns the relationship between three sisters and their coming to terms with the difficulties they face in life. Lenny, the eldest, has taken care of her ailing grandfather for the past several years, who is now in the hospital. Meg, her younger sister, returns home from Hollywood, where she has been unsuccessfully pursuing a career as a singer, to defend their youngest sister Babe, who is accused of attempting to murder her husband, a prominent politician. As Babe's motivations for shooting her husband become clear, the sisters relive their family history, complete with sibling rivalries, lost loves, and leafing through the family picture album. Gradually, the sisters rally together, and gain the strength from each other they need to survive the occasional bad day and change their lives for the better.

This show was chosen to give students an opportunity to work on an intimate play with a very naturalistic setting and acting style. The concrete scene design (the kitchen of a large farmhouse: sink with running water, refrigerator, oven, etc.) gave the students a firm base upon which to draw to make real emotional contact with their characterizations.

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