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photos and reviews

Kiss Me Kate: Huron Playhouse, Huron, OH 1993

Ulysses in Traction: Bowling Green State University, BG, OH 1993 

Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd: St. Sebastian's Players, Chicago, IL 1988

Rhinoceros: Streetlight Theatre Co., Chicago, IL 1987

Sea Marks: Streetlight Theatre Co., Chicago, IL 1986

Saved: Mirror Image Theatre Co., Chicago, IL 1985

The Wager: So. Illinois University, Carbondale, IL 1984 (MFA Thesis production - photos by Michele Filpi]

Vanities: University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1982
(my first main stage production)

Selected reviews
Ulysses in Traction
  "This production proves to be one of the most meaningful to come out of the department this year." - Melinda Monhart, BG News.
  "Director Ken McCoy has created one of the finest ensemble casts this season, as if some real university department was suddenly transplanted onto a stage." - Jim Petrillo, Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune.
  "The Mirror Image Theatre Co., in its debut production, is giving this play a ferocious, explosive, searingly authentic reading....  Director McCoy never lets up." - J. Linn Allen, Chicago Tribune.
Sea Marks
  "This is the kind of Chicago Theatre that is born of love instead of money, and it shows. Innovative, energetic, desperately committed, and emotionally moving, this company [Streetlight Theatre] represents the best of the poorest." - T.M Spencer, Lincoln Park Spectator.

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