The Foreigner
 by Larry Shue
 Huron Playhouse - Huron, Ohio
 July 2003

This production marked my fifth season at the Huron Playhouse, the longest-running summer theatre in the state of Ohio (since 1948). Like Lend Me a Tenor in 1998, this show had approximately two weeks to rehearse and was cast from a company of performers hired for all five shows in the summer season.

The Foreigner is Shue's first and funniest play, utilizing many of the standard comic devices, but centering on one in particular: a masquerade involving the pretense of not being able to speak or understand English -- and the subsequent discovery of various secrets. The plot involves a  British science fiction proofreader whose habitually unfaithful wife urges his best friend to take him to rural Georgia for a few days' peace and quiet -- where he becomes the center of attention and soon finds himself compelled to rectify potential injustice. Through a resulting process of self-discovery, this meek and drab man becomes a hero to his new-found friends. As a complement to the wordplay that is at the forefront of the action, the performance style in this production utilized physical comedy, a common element in farce.

Review from Sandusky Register

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