General Gorgeous
 by Michael McClure
 Stetson University Stover Theatre
 October 1999

This show is a spoof on comic book superheroes, very funny and full of physical activity, including flying (well, jumping), stage combat (swordplay, tumbling, martial arts), and special effects (smoke and flashes). It reminded us very much of the big blue superhero "The Tick."

General Gorgeous has just completed his secret hideout - a penthouse/cave high inside a mountain - where he can keep tabs on crime in his city. All that remains for him to be officially inducted into the League of Superheroes is to engage and defeat a supervillain. His visiting parents, retired superheroes Roar and Mouse Woman have under their protection the "darn blessed secret" which has the power to destroy the universe. So Gorgeous sets a trap, luring the supervillain the Blue Mutant and his sexy henchwomen the Pink Mutations to his lair with the Secret, so that he might defeat them. At first, the Blue Mutant overcomes Gorgeous and kidnaps his parents, hiding them in a tortuous "dimensional sink" to wring the Secret from them. Eventually, Gorgeous triumphs through new age philosophy, his parents are returned, his mistress runs off with the reformed villain, love wins out, and they all sing and dance together at the end.

This high-energy show was chosen to give students experience with the "physical" theatre - the actor as athlete. Its postmodern satire targets New Age philosophy, environmentalism, ethics, and the contradictions of the "good vs. evil" paradigm. The fight scene was particularly notable for its universal spoof of just about any kind of fighting style and genre.

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