London Calling (staged reading)
  by Michael Schindel
 Stetson University Stover Theatre
  April 2009

One of five short plays chosen for staged readings from Dr. Lori Snook's playwriting students, London Calling tells the story of Joey, an American veteran of the Vietnam War who is confined to a wheelchair.  He expatriated to London during the late 1970s.  Set in the backdrop of the emerging British punk scene, Joey confronts his own limitations when he meets his girlfriend Lisa.  The two of them establish a successful life in London as they spend every weekend in the Pearl, a local punk bar.  Their relationship is tested when they hear they learn a friend of theirs was stabbed at a concert.  Each character attempts to reclaim individuality in the midst of the chaotic world of British punk rock.

Although varying degrees of production value can be given to staged readings, this one was off-book (memorized), with suggested costumes, props, and set pieces assembled mainly from rehearsal furniture.

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