Parallel Lives
 by Mo Gaffney and Kathy Najimy
 Stetson University Stover Theatre
 November 2007

This play's genre is commonly known as "sketch comedy" - a collection of short comic scenes, or "sketches," built on a model inspired by comedy-club improvisation and stand-up, much like Saturday Night Live or Sid Caesar's Show of Shows. It also owes a debt to Fringe theatre - low budget theatre produced "on the fringe" of more respectable (and better funded) theatre festivals. These origins lend the play a freewheeling, controversial, committed, do-it-yourself feeling. Our production was staged as if in in a comedy club, in front of a "debris field" of costumes, props, and set pieces, which could be brought forward and arranged to suggest the play's several locations and settings.

The play opens with two Supreme Beings planning out creation and trying to keep things like race relations and human sexuality fair by arbitrarily assigning pros and cons. The scenes that follow are a potpourri of subjects, touching on religion, relationships, sexuality, aging, therapy, and more, all from a woman’s perspective, with a comic vision inspired by the life experiences of the authors.

Originally written as a two-woman play, the Stover production featured six actresses playing several  roles each, with three more added "in cameo" for the Disney Mom Group Therapy sketch.

 I also wrote and recorded music to accompany lyrics provided by the playwright.




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