by Neil Simon
 Stetson University Stover Theatre
 November 2005

Another in a series of farces I have directed, Neil Simon's play served as senior research projects for three theatre arts majors. In addition to the two who acted roles, the set was designed by Patrick Pieri, who also played the role of Lenny in the show.

Rumors revolves around a dinner party thrown by Charley Brock, the Deputy Mayor of New York City, for some of his friends and business associates. The play begins with the first couple, Ken and Chris Gorman, having arrived to find their host bleeding in the upstairs bathtub, and Charley’s wife Myra missing. As they seek to find out what happened, they also try and hide the situation from the three other couples who arrive, each of whom in turn are enlisted in "operation coverup." Gossip, scandal, and all out hysteria drives the play’s action, which is in full force when the police arrive to investigate. That’s when things really fall apart as the doomed partygoers make one final attempt to save themselves.

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