Margie Hale

Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Stetson University
DeLand, FL 32723
my email address
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I never teach my pupils. I only
attempt to provide the conditions
in which they can learn.
      – Albert Einstein

I have retired as of May 2011 after 30 years of teaching, 19 of them at Stetson. I still hang around from time to time, and I respond to email. My title is "Professor, Emeritus." Professor is the top rank, after associate professor and assistant professor. The designation "emeritus" is an honor conferred on retirees of some distinction. After a long time in this profession, I think that the verb "to teach" is often misunderstood. If you're interested, I have a bit to say about teaching and learning.

There is always a bird on my web page. The Common Nighthawk is my favorite, a bird of understated beauty sometimes heard at dusk. If you look carefully, you'll see him zig-zagging high above patrolling for insects. Click the picture to hear his plaintive call. If you'd like, you can read about birding and my other interests and hobbies, look at my professional vitae, or read student FAQs.

Information about courses I have taught is below.

Non-Major Courses Major Courses Other Courses
MATH 111Q Finite Math
MATH 113Q Chaos & Fractals
MATH 115Q Great Ideas in Math
MATH 125Q Math & Stat Modeling

No Longer Offered
MS101 Precalculus
MS222 Calculus - Life Sciences
MS226 Business Calculus
MATH 130 Calculus I w/ Review (1)
MATH 131Q Calc I w/ Review (2)
MATH 141Q Calculus I
MATH 142Q Calculus II
MATH 211Q Linear Algebra I
MATH 221Q Intro to Logic & Proof
MATH 301 Number Theory
MATH 312 Linear Algebra II
MATH 321 Differential Equations
MATH 401 Real Analysis I
MATH 411 Complex Analysis
MATH 431 Topology
MATH 441 Abstract Algebra I
MATH 498-499 Senior Project I & II
SMP2000 Fuzzy Logic

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