What Happened?

Diagnosing a Poor Test

Questions to ask after that first test comes back

  1. Did I spend quality time studying?

    1. Did I study an hour a day, every day? smile

    2. Did I try to cram? frown

    3. Did I blow it off? grumpy

  2. Did I practice decision-making, or just re-do homework?

  3. Did I review my class notes? Did I read the book?

  4. Did I aim for understanding or just mimicry?

  5. Did I misread or misunderstand some questions?

  6. Did I try for partial credit? (Better than nothing!)

  7. Do I understand the answers on the key provided?

  8. Was I poorly prepared for the test, or am I poorly prepared for the class?

  9. What can I change so I do better the next time?

  10. Am I willing to make those changes?

  11. Do I know my instructor's name / email address / office location / phone number?

  12. Do I know how to find the Math Clinic and the Academic Resources Center?

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