TI-84 Instructions for Regression

Most instructions also work for the TI-83(Plus).

Calculator key strokes are shown in brown: ON
Features that appear above the keys in blue have the complete key sequence in brackets:
OFF  [ 2nd ON ]
Alpha characters (letters) appear in lime green above many keys. For example, to access the character "A", press


Enter data in lists: STAT then choose EDIT.

Clear a list: STAT EDIT, use the up arrow to place the cursor on the list name, press
Warning! Pressing the DEL key instead of CLEAR will delete the list from the calculator. You can get it back with the INS key. See Insert a new list below.

List name: there are six built-in lists, L1 through L6, and you can add more with your own names.
To access the built-in list L1: L1  [ 2nd 1 ]

Insert a new list:
STAT EDIT, use the up arrow to place the cursor on a list name, then press
INS  [ 2nd DEL ]
Type the name of a list: use the alpha character keys. The ALPHA key is locked down for you. Press ENTER   The new list is placed just before the point where the cursor was.

Make values in list L2 a function of the values in L1:
STAT EDIT, use the up arrow to place the cursor on the L2 list name, type a formula using the variable L1, press ENTER

Prepare to graph list values: STATPLOT  [ 2nd Y= ]
Press a plot number, move the cursor to On, and press ENTER
Make sure the list names you want appear opposite Xlist: and Ylist:
Set the WINDOW to view the values in the lists.

Graph list values: GRAPH
Both list graphs and function graphs can be turned on and off in the function menu: Y=.


To access the built-in list L1: L1  [ 2nd 1 ]

Calculate a linear regression with x = L1 and y = L2:
Calculate a linear regression with x = L3 and y = L4:
Show the values of r and r2 in a regression:
Start from the home screen.
Select DiagnosticOn from CATALOG: [2nd 0 ]
Press ENTER twice.
It should say DONE.
Now every time you do a regression, r and r2 are displayed.
Quadratic, Cubic, Exponential, and other regressions are available on the STAT CALC menu.

Calculate statistics from list L1: STAT CALC 1 ENTER
Calculate statistics from list L2: STAT CALC 1 ( L2 ) ENTER
Use the down and up arrows to scroll through all the statistics.

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