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T/TH Schedule - Atomic Learning - SAM2010

MIS 100/101 Introduction to Information Technology

Fall 2012 Syllabus

Course Description

This course introduces the student to the concepts behind information technology and provides experience with microcomputer-based applications. These applications include Windows, word processing, electronic spreadsheets, presentation software and the Internet/World Wide Web.

Student Objectives

  • To achieve fundamental/intermediate level skills in the use of microcomputers and microcomputer software; which includes Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. We will be using Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010.
  • To learn how to interface these applications with the World Wide Web.
  • To have an understanding of concepts relating to computers and information processing.

Reference Material

Most reference material used in this course is available via the Internet. There are 2 online references that will be used throughout the semester. They include:

1) Atomic Learning - A repository of online learning tutorials
2) SAM2010 - An interactive Internet based program that will be used for examinations and training.

We will also be using online learning references via two sources, combined with many hands-on exercises in class. We will be utilizing Stetson's subscription to a website called Atomic Learning (free to you) as well as training that is found on the web when you buy the SAM 2010 Version 2.0 pin# listed below. The SAM software also allows us to do on-line testing.

 **** Atomic Learning Information ****

To access Atomic Learning, you must be either logged into a computer on Stetson's campus, or when asked for a userid and password, use the following:

userid = stetson
password = hatters

You can find the Atomic Learning tutorials here.

**** SAM 2010 Version 2.0 Information ****

The student must purchase a printed access code (PIN #) from the Stetson bookstore or an instant access code (PIN #) sent via email from in order to complete all exams for this course. It is included in one of the following packages. Please do not wait until too late to purchase it. Also, you cannot use a previously registered PIN # from another student.

NOTE: This software does NOT run on a MAC - only on PC's, but it can be run from any of our computer labs.

From our Bookstore: (buy in person)

ISBN# 9781111667375 (SAM2010 license)
Course Technology
SAM 2010 Assessment, Projects, and Training 2.0 Printed Access Card, 1st Edition

-------------- O R --------------
From (receive via Internet)
ISBN#: 1111669368
Course Technology
SAM 2010 Assessment, Projects, and Training 2.0 Instant Access Code, 1st Edition (Testing & training) - Digital Product
Each student will use the PIN # to register his/her name with our testing software. To download any necessary files on a PC and setup an MIS100/101 class account:
  1. Follow the instructions found inside the package you have purchased. You will need internet access to do this. You will be working from
  2. It will ask you for our Stetson Institution Code, which is T2042274.
  3. It will next ask you for the PIN number found inside the package. This is case-sensitive, so carefully enter this code.
  4. You can then enroll yourself and create a userid and password. I suggest using the same password and userid that you use to log on to Stetson's computers.
  5. You must then join the correct MIS100/101 section:

    MIS100/101-01 is TTH 11:30
    MIS100/101-04 is TTH 11:30

  6. You will find training exercises available under the Assignments button after you are logged in.

Course Schedule

This course is offered on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule this semester. A link to the schedule for the T/TH class is below:

1) Tuesday/Thursday


Students are expected to attend all class sessions. Missing a class will have a detrimental effect upon your ability to pass the final exam.

Missed classes also reduce both student and professor productivity. Computer labs are built in class together, thus when you are absent, you miss one of the building blocks necessary to complete this lab. It is your responsibility to keep current and to catch up with any material missed before the beginning of the next class. Class time will NOT be used to catch up a student who missed the previous session.

Grading Notes

Grading Scenario

Unit Quizzes - 30%
Final Exam - 70%
Total - 100%

Unit Quizzes:
During the semester, you will be assigned unit quizzes that are comprised of questions similar to what you will see on the final exam.  These quizzes will be assigned in SAM2010 to be taken outside of class time. These quizzes must be completed by the start of class on the date noted on the course schedule.  If you fail to take the unit quiz per the schedule, you will receive a score of 0 for that quiz.  The results of these quizzes will account for 30% of your final grade.

Final Exam:
Your final grade will be partially determined by the result of the final exam which must be taken by all students.  To pass the final exam, you must demonstrate proficiency with Microsoft Excel and Access obtaining a score of 70% or higher.  If you fail to meet this threshold, you will be given an incomplete for the course and will be allowed several opportunities the following semester to retake the final exam.  Once you successfully pass the final exam, you will be given a letter grade for the course equivalent to the results on the final exam.

Class Labwork:
Throughout the semester, you will be assigned lab assignments.  These lab assignments must be completed within the specified time period or you will not be able to take the final exam at the end of the course. 

Honor System:
There are NO group assignments for this class. This means that you should NOT work too closely with any other students on class projects. While it is okay for students to help each other, identical work (which can come from working together too closely) is not acceptable. Zeroes will be given when this type of collaboration occurs. We also reserve the right to terminate your enrollment in this course and send your case to the Honor Council at the University Level.

Grade Disputes:
If you wish to dispute a grade for any reason, you must visit me in my office or talk to me by phone; you cannot do this via e-mail. Also, you only have one week from the time that a project is assigned and/or graded to discuss a grading problem or turn in an assignment late. You need to actively check your grades for errors when they are collected in Blackboard and let me know immediately! You may forfeit your ability to get it changed if you wait too long.

Classroom Etiquette:

Please turn off your cell phone before coming to class. Also, unless you have a physical condition that you appraise me of, please take care of your restroom needs before class. You may use Instant Messaging/Email/Web Surfing any day until we finish the quiz and/or start the class. At that time, it must be shut down totally.

Students with Disabilities:
The Academic Success Center provides academic and disability resources for all Stetson University students. Students who anticipate barriers related to the format or requirements of a course should meet with the course instructor to discuss ways to ensure full participation. If disability-related accommodations are necessary, please register with the Academic Success Center (386-822-7127; The student, course instructor, and the ASC will plan how best to coordinate accommodations.

The ASC also coordinates free tutoring on campus for students. You can meet with a tutor to review principles, learn content-specific study strategies, and enhance content area knowledge. To review the available tutoring options and schedules, please see our website


We will be using the Microsoft Office 2010 programs of Excel and Access running on MS Windows 7. Please check prices with the bookstore if you wish to purchase the Microsoft Office software. Remember, we do not require you to purchase this software; instead, you can use our General Access Labs at Stetson.

We will also be using PCs in the lab, not Macs. When you submit your assignments, they must be in Office 2010 PC formats. It is up to you to make sure they are converted to this format.

We will also be using on-line testing software via the Web. To do this, you must use the SAM 2010 pin # that you order separately through the publisher's website or our bookstore. We will be using this throughout the semester for testing.

MIS Tutor

Our tutor this semester is TBD.  He/She will be located in suite 526E in the Lynn Business Center.

You can just stop in and see the tutor during the hours below or you can email the tutor to set up an appointment.  TBD

Tues TBD
Thur TBD