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MIS100 & MIS101 Exemption Exams

 Fall 2012

All Stetson students are required to show basic proficiency in four Microsoft Office applications.  Students show proficiency by passing two separate exams.  The first exam relates to the use of Microsoft Office Word 2010 as well as PowerPoint 2010 and must be successfully passed to demonstrate proficiency for MIS100 (Information Technology I).  The second exam relates to the use of Microsoft Office Excel 2010 as well as Access 2010 and is offered as an alternative to completing the in-class requirements for MIS101 (Information Technology II). If you pass either test, the proficiency requirement for that test will be completed, but no academic credit will be given.

Proficiency is demonstrated by obtaining a score of 70% or higher on each exam.  Should you be unsuccessful in passing either exam, you will be given the option to retake that exam at a later date.

You must take these exams during one of the scheduled times below. Each exam has a maximum 1.5 hour time limit.

Thursday, August 30th at 2:30pm - MIS100 only (LBC317)

Wednesday, September 5th at Noon - MIS100 only (LBC319)

Tuesday, September 11th at 8:30am - MIS100 only (LBC319)

Monday, September 17th at 4pm - MIS100 only (LBC317)

Thursday, September 27th at 2:30pm - MIS100 and MIS101 (LBC317)

Wednesday, October 3rd at 4pm - MIS100 only (LBC317)

Tuesday, October 16th at 2:30pm - MIS100 only (LBC317)

Monday, October 22nd at Noon - MIS100 only (LBC319)

Thursday, November 1st at 8:30am - MIS100 only (LBC319)

Friday, November 9th at Noon - MIS100 only (LBC319)

Tuesday, November 13th at 2:30pm - MIS100 only (LBC317)

Monday, November 19th at 4pm - MIS100 and MIS101 (LBC317)

To register for an exam, contact Glenna Roof at (386) 822-7440 or You MUST bring your Stetson ID to the exam.  You will NOT be allowed to take an exam without your Stetson ID.

The following would be the general steps involved in taking the exam:

Optional Training:

In addition to the training material that comes with your examination fee, Stetson University subscribes to an on-line training site called Atomic Learning. Follow this link to a list of training tutorials that support the topics covered in the exemption exams. They are first grouped by software application: Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Access. Under each group, there are logical groupings of topics. Each tutorial area will then give a very specific link or Key #. The training video will last usually 1-3 minutes. You can look at as many items as you wish and concentrate on the areas that you are unfamiliar with. If it asks you to login, the userid should be stetson and the password is hatters.

Create Your Testing Account:

The fee for the exam and all relevant support material is $93 if purchased online and $105 if purchased in the Stetson bookstore.

  1. Using Internet Explorer on a PC, go to
  2. You must select the New User button.
  3. It will ask you for an 8 digit institution key. This is T2042274.
  4. It will next ask you for the PIN number to register on SAM2010.  A PIN number for SAM2010 can be acquired from the Stetson Bookstore or purchased online at  
  5. You can then enroll yourself by creating a userid and password (this is entirely up to you). We only care that you properly spell your first and last name and enter your email. You will now have a testing account created.
  6. You must next join a section that will be used for testing. Click on the Section button on the left. Next, click on the Join a Section button on the right. Choose the Fall 2012 School of Business Technology Testing section.

Tips for Taking the Exam:

  1. Each exam will first give you some general instructions, e.g. you get 3 attempts to answer each question. For grading purposes, it doesn't matter if you answer it on the first attempt or the 3rd attempt.
  2. You can see some of your options on the screenshot below:

Sample Question

  • A shows you what you should do to complete the question. While they have a large library of possible ways to do each question, they do not have all ways. If your way doesn't work, try another one. Be very careful about typing. Use the same spelling, capitalization and punctuation. If it is in quotes, ignore the quotes - they are just trying to isolate the words that you must type.
  • B shows you all of the questions and you can jump around within the test.
  • C shows the previous and next buttons that you can use to skip questions and go back.
  • D shows the attempts remaining on each question. It will decrease each time you erroneously answer the question - be careful how quickly you move the mouse around, etc.
  • E shows where you should properly exit the test to close it down and save your score.

Note: Your exam score will not display on exam completion.  When you are done with the exam, it will not show you your score. You must have at least a 70% pass rate on each exam. You will be notified in a timely manner on whether you have passed the exam and completed the proficiency requirement.

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