This page lists only Insect families of which I have coverage, with one representative image from each.  Please contact me at to inquire about images of species not pictured here, or for licensing information.

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Order Ephemeroptera Mayflies
Order Odonata
Family Coenagrionidae narrow-winged damselflies
Family Calopterygidae broad-winged damselflies
Family Aeshnidae - darners
Family Libellulidae - skimmers
Order Orthoptera Grashoppers, Mantids, Roaches
Family Acrididae short-horned grasshopers
Family Tettigoniidae long-horned grasshoppers
Family Mantidae  - praying mantises
Family Phasmatidae walking sticks
Family Heteronemiidae striped walking sticks
Family Blattidae - cockroaches
Order Isoptera Termites
Family Rhinotermitidae subterranean termites
Order Dermaptera Earwigs
Family Forficulidae
Order Hemiptera True Bugs
Family Notonectidae backswimmers
Family Belostomatidae giant water bugs
Family Miridae leaf bugs
Family Phymatidae ambush bugs
Family Reduviidae assassin bugs
Family Coreidae leaf-footed bugs
Family Lygaeidae seed bugs
Family Berytidae stilt bugs
Family Scuterlariidae shield-backed bugs
Family Pentatomidae stink bugs
Order Homoptera Cicadas, Aphids, Scale Insects
Family Cicadidae cicadas
Family Membracidae treehoppers
Family Cercopidae froghoppers
Family Cicadellidae planthoppers
Family Acanoloniidae acanoloniid planthoppers
Family Flatidae flatid planthoppers
Family Aphididae aphids
Family Coccidae scale insects
Family Eriosomatidae woolly aphids
Order Neuroptera Lacewings, Antlions
Family Chrysopidae green lacewings
Family Myrmeleontidae antlions
Family Ascalaphidae owlflies
Family Mantispidae mantidflies
Order Mecoptera Scorpionflies, hangingflies
Family Bittacidae hangingflies
Family Panorpidae scorpionflies
Order Coleoptera Beetles
Family Cicindelidae tiger beetles
Family Carabidae ground beetles
Family Scarabeidae scarab beetles
Family Passalidae bessbeetles
Family Buprestidae metallic wood-boring beetles
Family Curculionidae weevils
Family Silphidae carrion beetles
Family Cantharidae soldier beetles
Family Lampyridae lightning bugs
Family Lycidae net-winged beetles
Family Elateridae click beetles
Family Meloidae blister beetles
Family Mordellidae tumbling flower beetles
Family Cerambycidae long-horned beetles
Family Coccinellidae ladybird beetles
   Family Chrysomelidae - leaf beetles

Order Lepidoptera Butterflies and Moths
Family Papilionidae swallowtails
Family Pieridae whites, sulfurs
Family Lycaenidae hairstreaks, blues, coppers
Family Nymphalidae brush-footed butterflies
Family Heliconiidae zebras, gulf fritillaries
Family Satyridae satyrs
Family Danaidae monarchs, queens
Family Hesperiidae skippers
Family Sphingidae sphinx moths
Family Saturniidae giant silkworm moths
Family Citheroniidae royal walnut moths
Family Arctiidae tiger moths
Family Pyralidae pyralid moths
Family Noctuidae darts, noctuids
Family Limacodiidae saddlebacks
Family Liparidae tussock moths
Family Lasiocampidae tent caterpillars
Family Pterophoridae plume moths
Family Tortricidae tortricid moths
Family Geometridae geometrids
Family Notodontidae prominents
Family Sesiidae clear-winged moths
Order Diptera Flies
Family Tipulidae craneflies
Family Culicidae mosquitoes
Family Chironomidae midges
Family Bibionidae lovebugs
Family Tabanidae deerflies, horseflies
Family Asilidae robber flies
Family Bombyliidae bee flies
Family Dolicohopodidae long-legged flies
Family Syrphidae hover flies
Family Calliphoridae blow flies
Family Tephritidae fruit flies
Family Sarcophagidae flesh flies
Order Hymenoptera Ants, Wasps, Bees
Family Ichneumonidae ichneumon wasps
Family Chalcididae chalcid wasps
Family Mutillidae velvet ants
Family Formicidae ants
Family Tiphiidae tiphiid wasps
Family Scoliidae scoliid wasps
Family Vespidae hornets, potter wasps, paper wasps
Family Sphecidae mud daubers, thread-wasted
Family Halictidae sweat bees
Family Megachilidae leafcutting bees
Family Apidae honeybees, bumblebees, carpenter


Family Araneidae orb-weavers
Familh Lycosidae wolf spiders
Family Thomisiidae crab spiders
Family Oxyopidae lynx spiders
Family Theridiidae widow spiders
Family Salticidae jumping spiders
Family Pisauridae fishing spiders
Family Tetragnathidae long-jawed spiders

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