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Opportunities for insect photography are widespread at Woodruff nearly throughout the year, as they are most places in Florida.  Different species will be found in different habitats (deep, huh?).   The brushy vegetation bordering the railroad track embankment just as you enter the refuge is a good place to look, especially in spring, summer and fall when there are numerous species in flower.

Two natural history systems that I find particularly fascinating are covered here - lubber grasshoppers and passion flower butterflies.  For other species, you're on your own.  Just wander around - you won't have to look far to find insects or other arthropods in Florida.

For insect photography, I prefer a macro lens in the 200 mm range, as the increased working distance is not as likely to alarm the insect into flight.  For sedentary insects I prefer to use a tripod and natural light, but if activity is involved, an electronic flash mounted off-camera and TTL flash metering are usually much more convenient. 

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