Conflicts among Muslims over Crimea


RIA Novosti, 7 January 2016


Someone is trying to rouse Crimean Tatars for a "struggle" with the authorities, provoking inter-ethnic conflicts and confrontations; the attempts to destabilize the situation on the Crimean peninsula are issuing from the territory of Ukraine, the Ecclesiastical Board of Muslims of Crimea reports.


"Religious ministers and members of the council of the Ecclesiastical Board of Muslims of the republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol expressed dismay at attempts of some persons, who are conducting their activity on the territory of Ukraine, to rouse the Crimean Tatar nation to some kind of 'struggle,' thereby provoking within Crimean society resistance, inter-ethnic conflicts, and confrontation," the muftiate reports


In particular, this is manifested in the form of calls to rise up and go out onto the streets for a struggle with the existing government, to leave Crimea, and to join the ranks of armed formations in Kherson province in the south of Ukraine.


Because of this, Muslim religious ministers have appealed to Crimean Tatars, calling them not to surrender to provocations and not to forget that the Crimean Tatar nation has always been characterized as peace-loving and desirous of creation.


"We call the Crimean Tatar nation to be vigilant: not to be deceived by beautiful slogans, appeals, and promises; and not to surrender to threats and blackmail on the part of individual representatives of our people who are located far beyond the boundaries of our native land," the declaration says.


Religious ministers urged in such circumstances "not to abandon the land of our ancestors and even more not to participate in antihumane actions and militant formations but to preserve peace and to create in the name of future generations."


The membership of the council of the Ecclesiastical Board of Muslims of the republic of Crimea and the city of Sevatsopol includes regional imams, representatives of religious communities of Crimea, heads of religious academic institutions, and members of the muftiate of Crimea. (tr. by PDS, posted 9 January 2016)

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