European leaders investigate religious rights situation in Crimea


RIA Novosti, 1 February 2016


A special representative of the general secretary of the council of Europe, Gerard Stoudmann, met with the leadership of the Ecclesiastical Board of Muslims of Crimea (DUMK); the meeting's participants discussed the current situation in the life of the Muslim community of the peninsula, the press service of the DUMK told RIA Novosti.


Earlier it was reported that the mission of the CE began work on the peninsula on 25 January with the goal of getting information about the situation regarding human rights in Crimea. In late February or early March the mission will prepare a report with recommendations for the general secretary of the Council of Europe.


"During the discussion Crimean Mufti Emirali Ablaev revealed issues that are disturbing Muslims of the republic and described the situation regarding the exercise of rights to freedom of religious confessions, the work of Muslim houses of worship, mosques, and madrasas, the work conducted by the muftiate in the area of religious education of the population, and other matters," the report says.


Also the press service of the DUMK reports that Ablaev thanked Stoudmann for the visit to Crimea and "interest in the life of the Muslim umma." (tr. by PDS, posted 2 February 2016)

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