Moscow city government joins fight against new religious movements


Moscow Agency of City News, 2 March 2016


The Moscow City Duma has sent to the State Duma suggestions for regulating the activity of nontraditional religious organizations with a goal of working out a federal draft law on combating the activity of totalitarian and destructive cults. The Moscow Agency of City News was told this by a member of the Moscow City Duma Commission on Affairs of Public Associations and Religious Organizations, Renat Laishev.


"I have long been occupied by the topic of pseudo-religious destructive organizations and I am responsible for it in the capital's parliament. In the near future, our commission will hold a round table with the participation of experts on this troubling question, including representatives of law enforcement agencies. On the basis of its results we will relay recommendations of the round table to the State Duma. I am sure that they will be useful to developers of the draft law," R. Laishev said.


He recalled that in Moscow they are preparing to launch a mobile application "Religious organizations in Moscow" "It is a service with information about all confessions spread about the territory of the capital and it will be possible to install it on any mobile device. The app will also contain a maximum of information about the danger which pseudo-religious organizations represent. Everybody who encounters sectarians and their recruiters will be able to quickly share this information through the app," the deputy added.


In his turn, Moscow City Duma Deputy Andrei Shibaev told the Moscow news agency that he is ready to initiate a discussion in the standing commission of the capital's parliament on the possibility of adopting a regional law. "If colleagues from the State Duma delay, we are ready to discuss the possibility of adoption of a regional law on missionary activity," he said.


It was reported earlier that the State Duma may develop a draft law on combating totalitarian, extremist, and destructive cults. (tr. by PDS, posted 8 March 2016)

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