Neo-fascist vigilantes threaten Jehovah's Witnesses


Pervo Istochnik, 11 March 2015


Activists of the Kirov affiliate of the all-Russian movement "Lev Protiv" ["Leo Against"] have asked attorney Yaroslav Mikhailov to file an appeal in the prosecutor's office with regard to Jehovah's Witnesses.


"We ask you in defense of rights of citizens of Kirov province to prepare and submit an appeal to the prosecutor's office of Kirov province regarding the pseudo-religious group of Jehovah's Witnesses in connection with their activity, which in our opinion is illegal in Kirov province, bears a destructive character for society, and undermines the foundation of statehood in the Russian federation," the appeal to the lawyer says.


We note that at the present time an appeal to the prosecutor's office has also been submitted by the organization "Trezvye Dvory" ["Sober Yards"]


"If the prosecutor's office takes action, the no problems will arise," Mikhailov told Pervo Istochnik. "But if it refuses to file a lawsuit in provincial court, then pickets will be organized. All within the bounds of the law. However I do not think that activists of the Lev Protiv movement will sprinkle them (Jehovah's Witnesses—ed. note) with holy water from the church."


We recall that activists of the Lev Protiv movement are known for their struggle with smokers. Young people act in the following way: when they notice a person smoking in an inappropriate place, they approach him and insistently suggest that he go to a place where smoking is permitted. In the event of a refusal, the activists squirt water from spray cans, which douses the violator's cigarette. (tr. by PDS, posted 11 March 2016)

[Tr. note: background information on the Lev Protiv movement may be found in "Anti-smoking Movement Raids Moscow Train Station," Moscow Times, 22 June 2014 and "Posle Nashei ery," Yod News, 20 July 2015.]

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