Political conflict involves Muslims in Crimea


RISU, 6 February 2017


Pro-Kremlin imams have spoken about the activism of "Islamic radical sects" in Crimea. This was reported by DS, with a reference to


Thus, during a round table organized by the so-called mufti of Crimea, Emiral Ablaev, who is supported by the Kremlin, it was noted that arrests have been treated as persecution of Crimean Tatars while their reason is "violations of law within the context of a prohibited extremist sect."


In particular, the occupiers saw extremism in showy prayers that the Crimean Tatars conduct in the yards of the arrestees. In addition it is maintained that there is an attempt to orient Crimean Tatars to foreign Arab centers that operate through the government of Ukraine.


"We have here a process of 'soft Arabization' of the Crimean Tatars. All of this cannot but be disturbing! And we appeal to the leadership of the republic of Crimea and to the leadership of the Russian federation to pay attention to the danger that comes from radical and extremist sects," declared the round table participants. (tr. by PDS, posted 7 February 2017)

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