Orthodox church joins debate over Muslim scarves  


Interfax-Religiia, 3 April 2017


The Moscow patriarchate gave an explanation regarding its position with respect to the law that was adopted the other day in Chechnya and permits pupils to wear clothing in accordance with religious beliefs.


"The comments I gave earlier pertain to the legal aspect of the question. Federal legislation do not provide the right of school children to wear clothing 'in accordance with religious beliefs.' However at the level of constituent entities of the Russian federation, established national traditions and beliefs may be taken into account," the head of the legal service of the patriarchate, Hegumena Kseniia, told an Interfax-Religiia correspondent.


As was reported, the Chechen parliament on 31 March adopted amendments to the local law on education, permitting pupils to wear clothing that reflects their religious beliefs.


Earlier on Monday, the hegumena declared to the Interfax-Religiia portal that this legislative initiative needs correcting. She recalled that according to article 38 of the federal law "On education in the RF," general education schools establish the requirements for clothing of school children in accordance with standard requirements established by authorized bodies of government of the constituent entities of the RF.


"At the same time, article 3 of the aforementioned federal law establishes the secular character of education in state and municipal organizations conducting educational activity. Therefore the federal law does not grant school children the right to wear clothing 'in accordance with religious beliefs,'" she noted. (tr. by PDS, posted 4 April 2017)

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