Jehovah's Witnesses tolerated in eastern Ukraine


Official website of Donetsk People's Republic, 28 July 2017


The Supreme Court of the Donetsk People's Republic [DPR] made a decision to find the printed materials "The Bible's Point of View. Has Christianity Suffered Collapse?" and "Will You Follow the Loving Guidance of Jehovah?" to be extremist. This was reported today, 28 July, by the press service of the DPR Supreme Court.


According to the conclusion of experts of the republican Center for Judicial Expert Analysis of the DPR Ministry of Justice, the texts contain information that inflames hatred on religious grounds and also propounds on the contextual level the superiority of Jehovah's Witnesses in comparison with other Christians.


On the basis of an appeal from the prosecutor general's office of the DPR with a petition for protection of the interests of the republic, the court decided to grant the petition and to find the aforesaid materials to be extremist, prohibiting their publication on the territory of the DPR.


It should be noted that as of the present, the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses is not prohibited on the territory of the DPR, but some of the materials distributed by it have been ruled by a court to be extremist. (tr. by PDS, posted 31 July 2017)

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