Moscow church reacts to events in Constantinople


RIA Novosti, 6 January 2019


A space for dialogue between the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the "new church" still does not exist, UPTs Archbishop Kliment declared on Sunday to RIA Novosti.


"We have the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches, a platform for dialogue. Since the Kiev patriarchate (an unrecognized structure—ed.) and the UAPTs (the unrecognized Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church—ed.) now are dissolved, it is unclear in what format this organization will operate in the future. It is the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches that provided the possibility of general dialogue among religious confessions of Ukraine for the resolution of pressing state-church matters. Now the format for dialogue is unclear," Kliment declared. . . .


On Sunday, the patriarch of Constantinople delivered to Kiev a tomos concerning the autocephaly of the "new church." According to the document, its jurisdiction is restricted to the territory of Ukraine; it cannot post bishops or establish parishes beyond the borders. There are also other restrictions, which make the new structure dependent upon Constantinople. The Russian Orthodox Church called such "autocephaly" a "dummy," and the day of the signing of the tomos a tragedy in the history of world Orthodoxy. (tr. by PDS, posted 6 January 2019)

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