Ukrainian priest from troubled area joins new church


Ukrainskaia Pravda, 21 January 2019


Father Vladimir Maglena is the first in Luhansk oblast to transfer into the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PTsU) from the church of the Moscow patriarchate.


Priest Dmitry Shapovalov wrote on Facebook on 20 January: "I am very happy to welcome into the Orthodox Church of Ukraine my friend, brother, and confessor in the same person, Father Vladimir Maglena! After his liturgy in the church of the Transfiguration of the PTsU in Kiev, it is possible to speak openly of this." He noted that this is the "first transfer from the MP into the PTsU for the Luhansk region and all of eastern Ukraine."


Vladimir Marlena himself wrote: "A warrior is not alone in the field. Thank you, friends, for always being alongside. It is very much felt."


As TSN.Tizhden reported, Father Maglena ministers in the village of Veseloe in Starobelsk district of Luhansk oblast, which is 30 kilometers from the Russian border and 70 kilometers from the front line. For the greater part of his life he engaged in business but he became a priest before the war. (tr. by PDS, posted 21 January 2019)

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