Minor disputes about transfer into new Ukrainian church


RISU, 21 January 2019


Three parishes of the UPTsMP in Monastyrishche district of Cherkassy oblast transferred into the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PTsU) at the same time. This involved parishes in the villages of Khalaidovo, Terlitsa, and Tarnava. writes about this.


"We are already in the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. Meetings of church parishes were held in all three villages. The majority of believers spoke in favor of transfer into the Ukrainian church," priest Nikolai Bogoslovsky explaned.


He said that in the village of Khalaidovo there occurred a minor confrontation. Nine persons there spoke out against the transfer. "These were mainly people who live in Kiev and attend church there, but they are registered in Khalaidovo. There also were several persons who lived in our village but attended churches in other villages," Bogoslovsky noted.


At the meeting in Khalaidovo, a secretary of the Uman diocese of the UPTsMP, Vadim Paevsky, and a representative of the UPTsMP in the district, Dmitry Liubkivsky, spoke. "The parish listened to their arguments, but the overwhelming majority of more than 100 voted in favor of a transfer into the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. In Terlitsa and Tarnava there was no opposition," the priest said.


Bogoslovsky himself has still not written a statement about his transfer into the PTsU. "I think some time in the middle of the week I will go to Cherkassy and I will write a statement about my transfer," he noted. (tr. by PDS, posted 21 January 2019)

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