Moscow church disciplines Ukrainian priest


RISU, 29 January 2019


The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate inhibited from priestly ministry the former spokesman of the UPTsMP and former press secretary of His Beatitude Vladimir, Father Georgy Kovalenko. This was reported by the priest himself on his page on Facebook.


"Finally! Because it was somehow shameful not to have this 'award,' which the Moscow patriarchate usually bestows on those who are striving for the independence and unity of Ukrainian Orthodoxy.


"It was expected, although somewhat sad. Because the spectral hope for the possibility of constructive dialogue and joint ministry among clergy of the two Orthodox jurisdictions has evaporated," he noted.


The clergyman reported that he was phoned from the Kiev metropolitanate of the Moscow patriarchate in Ukraine and told that by order of Metropolitan Onufrey he was inhibited from priestly ministry. Father Georgy also was advised to come to the metropolitanate to receive the order himself. They did not want to send the document in the post.


"So I think to myself whether I need this paper, which is not recognized by world Orthodoxy and the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, but is recognized only by the Moscow church and is a ban not on me but a ban on the priests of the Moscow patriarchate from ministering with me.


"And this is literally the second day after I publicly urged the hierarchy of the Moscow patriarchate in Ukraine not to forbid priests of the UPTs to minister jointly with priests of the PTsU" he emphasized.


The former press secretary of Metropolitan Vladimir also thanked the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, its bishops and priests, whom he has known for many years, for joint ministry and the possibility of conducting together various educational projects.


"I believe that no orders and bans have the power either to separate us from the love or God or to destroy our unity in Christ, if we believe in Him and not in them," the priest emphasized. (tr. by PDS, posted 29 January 2019)

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