Controversy about transfer of parish into Ukrainian church


RISU, 4 February 2019


The religious community of the village of Singuri of Zhitomir oblast transferred from the UPTsMP into the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PTsU). This is stated on the website of the PTsU Zhitomir diocese, reports.


Seventy-six of 100 persons attending the meeting of parishioners voted for the transfer. The priest refused to join the PTsU.


As reported by the secretary of the administration of the PTsU Zhitomir diocese, Pavel Yadchishin, the transfer did not occur without provocations on the part of the Moscow patriarchate.


"In the evening of 1 February, the Zhitomir diocese of the Moscow patriarchate published on its website a report that the religious parish of the village of Singury allegedly participated in their meetings and expressed its loyalty to the UPTsMP and the primate, Metropolitan Onufrey. The residents of the village were upset by such a statement of the Moscow patriarchate and declared that they had not heard anything about such a meeting. Besides, the photographs of the meeting identified few people and the majority of them are not residents of the village of Singury," Yadchishin wrote.


In Zhitomir oblast, about 20 parishes have already joined the PTsU. Earlier this was done by parishes of the city of Andrushevka and the villages of Kishin and Pavlovka. (tr. by PDS, posted 4 February 2019)

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