Pentecostal social ministry attacked in Moscow


Credo.Press, 7 March 2018


Pastor Evgeny Peresvetov, who created more than ten years ago in Moscow the "Restoration" Christian Center (Khristianskii Tsentr Vosstanovlenie—KhTsV), which belongs to the Pentecostal tradition, was finally deported from Russia as "posing a threat to the defense capacity" of the country. The pastor wrote about this on 4 March on his blog, a correspondent of the portal Credo.Press reports.


On 26 February, the Zamoskvorechie district court of Moscow considered the pastor's appeal against the prohibition of his entry onto the territory of the RF because of a supposed nonpayment of a fine for operation of an automobile that had not been washed. At the court session it was explained that on 6 February Peresvetov's name was removed from the data base of those people who are denied entry onto the territory of the RF. However, on that same day the Russian F.S.B. made a decision to deport the pastor, who is a citizen of Ukraine.


According to the KhTsV pastor, the persecution and repressions against him and members of his family on the part of Russian authorities began two years ago. As a result of these persecutions, the pastor's wife, Olga, a Russian citizen, became disabled, which prevents her from going abroad along with her husband. In such an event, if his wife remains in the RF, this will lead to the forced separation of the family.


As Evgeny Peresvetov says, F.S.B. personnel "are putting pressure on the owners of the premises where the Restoration Christian Center's Moscow church holds its services (on the basis of a rental agreement) . . . so that they will evict us and deprive us of a legal venue."


In addition to religious proclamation and worship services proper, the KhTsV engages in the rehabilitation of alcohol and drug dependent persons and also maintains a shelter for women and children who are subjected to violence.


"Olga and I and the whole KhTsV church are proud," the pastor writes, "that today we have been subjected to such sufferings and reproach for the name of Christ." (tr. by PDS, posted 8 March 2019)

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