Another prosecution of protestants for sharing their religion


Credo.Press, 27 March 2019


The Soviet district court of Riazan left in force the order of a magistrate judge in cases of administrative offenses against T. and R., who are adherents of a religious group of Evangelical Christians-Baptists in Riazan. The judge of the district court agreed with the conclusion of the magistrate judge that they committed an administrative violation of law.


As the website of the Soviet district court of Riazan reports, which is cited by the publication Pressa on 22 March, T. and R. engaged in evangelism, violating the requirement of legislation on freedom of conscience and freedom of religious confession and on religious associations. In explaining their actions in court session, T. and R. said that they were disseminating their own personal religious convictions as Christian citizens.


However, in the opinion of the judge things were otherwise: T. and R. were disseminating information about their own religious belief and were attracting outsiders into their religious group through invitations to worship services in Riazan that indicated addresses and times. According to the court's press service, T. and R. distributed printed material on the street near the Artist's House public transportation stop.


According to the Yarovaya Law, representatives of religious groups may engage in missionary activity only in places especially designated for it. (tr. by PDS, posted 27 March 2019)

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