Moscow patriarch continues diatribe against Ukrainian church


RIA Novosti, 2 April 2019


Discrimination against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Ukraine is yet intensifying and the Russian Orthodox Church is very upset by this, Patriarch of Moscow and all-Rus Kirill declared at a meeting with Patriarch and Catholicos of all-Arminians Garegin II.


During conversation, the primate of the Russian Orthodox Church reported that he wants to inform the Armenian spiritual leader "about our very great grief because of the situation that has developed in fraternal Ukraine."


"Actually, the situation for the canonical, legal Ukrainian Orthodox Church has not become better—just the opposite. It is amazing that in a European country, in full view of all of Europe, a country that declares its adherence to the European choice so crudely violates human rights and liberties. But the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church is today being discriminated against and this is a completely evident fact," the patriarch said.


He acknowledged that the interference of Constantinople in the church situation in Ukraine "did not help strengthen the unity of Ukrainian Orthodoxy and did not resolve a single problem, but created new problems."


"There arose those problems that weaken pan-Orthodox unity. We are very much saddened by this circumstance, but we are not the initiators of these negative circumstances," the RPTs primate added.


The Ukrainian Orthodox Church has previously often reported about oppression of clergy and seizures of church buildings by representatives of noncanonical religious structures. In connection with the recognition of the Ukraine schismatics by the patriarchate of Constantinople, the UPTs has reported about open discrimination and persecution on the part of authorities, members of nationalistic groupings, and schismatic structures, and also about an information campaign against the canonical church in a number of Ukrainian news media. (tr. by PDS, posted 2 April 2019)

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