Ukrainian church involved in secular political contest


Credo.Press, 20 April 2019


The former primate of the UPTsKP and current honorary patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PTsU), Filaret, on 19 April appealed urging voting in two days "for the preservation of Ukraine and its civilizational choice." The relevant report was published on the website.


"Ukraine is now experiencing a moment of difficult trials. Its very existence as a state is at stake. The Muscovite aggressor has occupied a part of our land and our troops are perishing at the front. The church prays for the integrity of Ukraine and for the fallen heroes. The church prays for victory and for the unity of the Ukrainian people. Without unity, victory over the occupier cannot be achieved nor the civilizational choice of Ukraine, our community with Europe, be preserved," the appeal says.


"The church prays that the Lord will give wisdom to our people to make such a choice during the current presidential election that our Ukrainian state will be preserved, and its sovereignty, integrity, and future will be ensured," Filaret declared.


He expressed concern that during the election campaign statements were voiced in society directed against the European choice of Ukraine, and the memory of the heroes of the Celestial Century and troops who perished in the Russian-Ukrainian war was besmirched.


"Disrespect for Ukraine itself and for the culture and language of the Ukrainian people is impermissible," the patriarch declared.


"During the election campaign several news media have insulted our church, using such expressions as the 'repatriarching' of the Ukrainian church and calling the tomos concerning autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church received from Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, for whose receipt the current president labored much, a 'thermos,'" the appeal says.


Patriarch Filaret also called attention to the fact that citizens are rightly upset with corruption and the absence of real justice. (tr. by PDS, posted 20 April 2019)

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