Filaret's rump council did convene


RISU, 20 June 2019


Today, 20 June, Honorary Patriarch Filaret convened in the Vladimir church of Kiev a so-called "council" for resurrecting the activity of the UPTsKP [Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate]. The text of a resolution adopted at the meeting notes that the UPTsKP rescinds the decision of the unification council for itself.


"The local council does not confirm but rescinds the resolution of the bishops', or so-called local council, because it was not a local council, but the collection of signatures of bishops, one priest, and two laymen regarding the conditional liquidation of the UPTs of the Kiev Patriarchate, in accordance with the requirement of Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew. Without the conditional liquidation of the Kiev patriarchate there could not have been a unification council of the Ukrainian church on 15 December 2018 and the presentation of the tomos concerning autocephaly," the first point of the resolution says.


The document notes that the UPTsKP continues its existence and has state registration, and Filaret continues to head it. In addition, the Kiev patriarchate declared that all monasteries, parishes, theological academies, foreign dioceses, etc. continue to belong to it.


"The UPTsKP continues to be the owner of all resources and all property (movable and immovable), acquired by its own means or transferred to it by state bodies or bodies of local administration, including church buildings, monasteries, educational institutions, and the like, according to contracts and agreements. All bank accounts are the accounts of the Kiev patriarchate as a legal entity," the resolution notes.


Filaret's people believe that the Kiev patriarchate "may own also those diocesan administrations and religious communities that have reregistered their charters in the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PTsU) but who wish to be members of the Kiev patriarchate."


"The tomos concerning autocephaly, which was presented to the UPTs on 6 January 2019 in Constantinople (Istanbul) does not correspond to the charter of autocephalous churches, which all autocephalous churches possess, and therefore it places the UPTs in dependence upon the Constantinople patriarchate," the document notes.


Participants in the council thank Bartholomew "for the attempt to resolve the Ukrainian church problem," although they note that the text of the tomos does not eliminate the Kiev patriarchate.


As RISU reported, only two of more than 40 bishops came to Filaret for the council. In all, 200 delegates (faithful who continue to consider themselves as belonging to the UPTsKP) participated in it, plus 50 guests.


According to a report of, which conducted a live broadcast from the church, at the council there was unanimous support for the resolution and an appeal to President Vladimir Zelensky. Bishops also were elected. Filaret himself suggested two candidates: Andrei (treasurer of the Feodosiev monastery) and a representative of the Kharkov diocese. Finally, Filaret declared that there is no need to be worried that the Kiev patriarchate is not recognized: "We need a church not for recognition but so that it will be holy and apostolic." (tr. by PDS, posted 20 June 2019)

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