Filaret defiant in face of Ukrainian church's actions


RISU, 25 June 2019


PTsU Honorary Patriarch Filared once again declared that the UPTs of the Kiev Patriarchate continues to exist and therefore the decisions of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PTsU) do not apply to it.


Filaret stated this during a briefing on 25 June, a Gromadske correspondent reported. He said that the UPTsKP is a church independent from both Moscow and Constantinople, and distinct from the PTsU, which is subordinate to the ecumenical patriarchate.


"We remain a church, not dependent on either Moscow or Constantinople. We have our own charter and we continue to exist in Ukraine as a independent Ukrainian Church of the Kiev Patriarchate and we dissociate ourselves from the PTsU," the honorary patriarch emphasized.


Filaret also declared that the UPTsKP remains registered in state agencies and is a legal entity, and therefore all property still belongs to this church. Any encroachments by the PTsU on these church buildings is a hostile takeover, the honorary patriarch thinks.


At the same time, Filaret does not intend to take the Orthodox Church of Ukraine to court, inasmuch as he does not trust courts. He added that he expects support from the public.


On 24 June, the PTsU conducted a Synod at which it appropriated for itself all monasteries of the UPTs of the Kiev Patriarchate.


Members of the Synod also decided that Filaret had lost his canonical rights and offices connected with the administration of a diocese, although he remained a member of the episcopate.


The PTsU Synod also removed two priests who supported Filaret. (tr. by PDS, posted 25 June 2019)



RISU, 25 June 2019


At today's briefing, Honorary Patriarch Filaret spoke about a hostile takeover by representatives of the PTsU of the Feoosy men's stavropegial monastery and the Dormition church in Kiev, and he reported about a "planned seizure" of the cathedral of St. Vladimir in the capital.


"I think that they will not restrict themselves to these buildings and they will seize church buildings of the UPTsKP in the future also. We have sent to state agencies a request to protect the rights and liberties of believers of the UPTsKP from hostile takeovers. If our government will not protect us, we will turn to the European public. Inasmuch as Ukraine wants to join the European Union, then it should fulfill the human rights that exist in Europe. If they do not protect us, we will appear yet further," Vladyka Filaret noted at the briefing.


To the question whether the UPTsKP will sue the PTsU, the honorary patriarch responded: "For now we do not intend to turn to the court, because our courts are corrupt. There they can protect the lie and punish the truth. We will appeal to the Ukrainian and world public in order to force Ukraine to fulfill human rights and liberties. (tr. by PDS, posted 25 June 2019)



RISU, 25 June 2019


PTsU Honorary Patriarch Filaret today at a briefing in Kiev said that an agreement was signed between Petro Poroshenko and the ecumenical patriarch according to which the patriarchate of Constantinople receives control over a number of monasteries in Ukraine.


"On 3 November 2018, President Poroshenko signed with Patriarch Bartholomew an agreement according to which stavropegial missions, exarchates, will be opened in Ukraine. These stavropegial exarchates are directly subordinate not to the primate of the Ukrainian church but to the ecumenical patriarch. These exarchates include the church of St. Andrew, the Florovsky and Koretsky monasteries, the Maniav skete, the Dormition church in Lvov, and another monastery in the Chernigov oblast. These monasteries are supposed to be subordinate directly to the ecumenical patriarch. What kind of autocephaly is this when the ecumenical patriarch will administer one of the most important Orthodox monasteries?" the hierarch said, and emphasized that he knew nothing about this.


Filaret also reported that now the PTsU must pay the ecumenical patriarchate from each parish monthly financial fees in a range from 4,000 to 20,000 dollars and then send 28 million monthly. He made this statement citing no specific documents but an article in the publication Vesti.


He also criticized the tomos, which, he said, did not give the PTsU real autocephaly: "They gave us the title not Ukrainian Orthodox Church, but Orthodox Church in Ukraine, and this means that we have rights only within the boundaries of Ukraine and not beyond its borders. According to this tomos, all difficult questions of Ukrainian Orthodoxy are decided by the ecumenical patriarchate. This so-called autocephalous church does not actually have the right to autocephaly." (tr. by PDS, posted 26 June 2019)



RISU, 25 June 2019


The agreement of the former president, Petro Poroshenko, and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew does not have a "list of monasteries" that Vladyka Filaret claimed in a briefing on 25 June.


This was stated on his Facebook page by Rostislav Pavlenko, an advisor to Poroshenko and a theorist of autocephaly.


"It is a shame when respected people repeat a Moscow lie. The agreement between Ukraine and the ecumenical patriarchate does not contain any 'list of monasteries' that 'are supposed to be transferred to Constantinople,' This is nonsense," Pavlenko emphasized.


He said that the church of St. Andrew, in which the representation of the ecumenical patriarchate (actually, its embassy) is located is the only stavropegium in Ukraine.


"The representation is registered in Ukraine as a mission according to Ukrainian laws. It is headed by Father Mikhail Anishchenko," Pavlenko added.


He also denied Filaret's accusation that the PTsU supposedly will pay certain "fees" to Constantinople.


"Neither Ukraine as a state nor the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (PTsU) will pay a kopeck to Constantinople (neither from parishes nor from dioceses)," Pavlenko emphasized.


"The Ukrainian Orthodox Church (PTsU) is autocephalous, that is, independent. Both from Moscow and from Constantinople and from other centers. It remains in unity with all of them as a part of the Orthodox world. Other churches will acknowledge this, sooner or later (as in the case of the RPTs). The price of a lie is known. And where a lie leads is also known," Rostislav Pavlenko summed up. (tr. by PDS, posted 26 June 2019)

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