Filaret was treated mercifully by Ukrainian church


Metropolitan Makary shared some of the details

24 Kanal, 29 June 2019


The Synod of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PTsU), which met on 24 June, deprived Patriarch Filaret of his rights to administer the Kiev diocese and also of his control over local churches and monasteries. However there also were other suggested punishments for Filaret.


A bishop of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and ruling bishop of the Lvov diocese and life-long member of the Synod of the PTsU, Metropolitan Makary, described for journalists of 24 Kanal how it was proposed to punish Filaret because of the conflict with Epifany and his statements about the so-called revival of the Kiev patriarchate.


Responding to a question whether Filaret's punishment was just, Metropolitan Makary noted that the punishment could have been even worse. However several member of the Synod stated that he is of a venerable age and his past efforts for the creation of a local church should be taken into consideration.


"Although Filaret now criticizes it and says that it is not a Ukrainian church but a church of Constantinople. It's a great shame. . . . You know, sometimes a person is educated and experienced, but something starts to happen with him," he said.


He added that in 1992 the Russian church placed an anathema on Filaret, making him a hero in Ukraine, and he thought that now such a case of schism is being repeated a second time.


"At the time, he could have joined the UAPTs and there would not have been a Kiev patriarchate or a schism (in the Ukrainian church), and there would have been one church. And there would have been a smaller Russian church in Ukraine. But he made a schism, because he wanted the patriarch's cowl. And now he does not want to remove it but he wants to rule and he is leading to a schism of the church again," Metropolitan Makary said.


To the question what kind of punishments in all were proposed by members of the Synod for Filaret, the metropolitan noted that it was proposed to retire him and even to expel him from the PTsU, but in the end they came to the conclusion together that Filaret should be deprived of the administration of the Kiev diocese.


As regards how the bishops are reacting to Filaret's acts, Metropolitan Makary said: "Some bishops told me that they would not have believed it if someone had told them earlier that they would resist Filaret along with me, because he was tearing down the local church again."


He also noted that now the majority of bishops support the local church and along with it the newly elected primate, His Beatitude Epifany, and not Patriarch Filaret. (tr. by PDS, posted 29 June 2019)


Russian original posted on website of Credo.Press, 29 June 2019

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