Lawmakers suggest way to impede publicity for groups like Jehovah's Witnesses


Kommersant, 3 July 2019


A draft law was introduced into the State Duma for consideration that forbids news aggregators and on-line cinemas to disseminate information about extremist organizations that are forbidden in Russia, without mentioning the fact of the prohibition. Publications by aggregators of information about organizations that are banned in Russia without an indication of this fact will incur a fine of up to 50 thousand rubles.


Acting as authors of the initiative are the chairman of the legislative assembly of the republic of Bashkortostan, Konsantin Tolkachev (United Russia), and a State Duma deputy from the region, Pavel Kachaev (United Russia).


In the opinion of the authors, the goal of the draft bill is to originate measures "directed to the localization and neutralization of territorial and other extremist phenomena," and to eliminate potential preconditions for their formation. The suggested amendments apply to the law "On information, information technologies, and protection of information."


The register of the Roskomnadzor classifies four services as news aggregators:, SMI2, Yandex.Novosti, and Rambler/novosti. (tr. by PDS, posted 6 July 2019)

Tr. note: a similar requirement to include a statement that a forbidden organization mentioned in an article has been legally prohibited already exists for most news media, like newspapers and radio. This bill would merely extend the requirement to the indicated services.

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