Ukrainian church posts anti-Russian election message


RISU, 10 July 2019


The Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PTsU) called the faithful to participate in elections for the Verkhovna Rada on 21 July and to make a responsible choice.


This is stated in an appeal, which was distributed by the press service of the Kiev metropolia of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (PTsU).


As its authors note, thanks to the support of patriotic, pro-Ukrainian forces, it became possible to hold a unification council and receive the tomos concerning autocephaly.


"However, everybody sees how the Russian state is using various forces and opportunities in order to destroy this important achievement. We do not have the right to rest on our laurels, since we see that everything that has been done demands further strong support and protection from enemy resistance.


"It should be obvious for society that there is an alarming trend toward widespread revenge by those forces that consistently advocate a return to the old models of actual dependence of the Ukrainian state on the Kremlin's will that have been often rejected by our people. Under the slogans of 'peace at any price' these forces want to achieve the defeat and surrender of Ukraine before the aggressor. Under the slogans of 'protection of canonical Orthodoxy' they want to spread the ideas of the 'Russian world' and 'Third Rome' in religious wrapping. These forces explicitly set for themselves the goal of resisting the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, influencing the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government as they have often done in prior decades, fighting against the confirmation of Ukrainian church autocephaly," the document says.


The PTsU also suggests that the faithful give attention to the attitude of candidates toward traditional family values and not sell their votes.


"Dear voters! Again, as during previous elections, the church reminds you: you must not sell your vote either for money or other material goods or for sweet promises. Make your choice honestly and according to conscience, being guided by common sense and your own worldview convictions.


"Our common task is to preserve the statehood, independence, and unity of the country and to prevent the realization in life of the intentions to again return Ukraine to the Kremlin yoke.


"Upon the vote of each person and upon the decision of the voters on election day there really depends what our common future will be like. A conscientious, responsible, and honest choice while voting on 21 July is our contribution to the achievement of victory and peace for Ukraine and the construction of its better future" the clergy of the PTsU note. (tr. by PDS, posted 10 July 2019)

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