Leader of Moscow church criticizes new Ukrainian church


Union of Orthodox Journalists, 23 July 2019


The church asks those who want to deceive people and to cast religious political dust in their eyes to come to their senses.


Deception is the invention of the devil, and it never leads to good, His Beatitude Metropolitan of Kiev and all-Ukraine Onufry recalled in an interview published in a regular issue of the magazine Pastor and Flock.


"If a person wishes to seek the Kingdom of God and divine truth, that is, wishes to prepare his soul for a blessed eternity, then he must go to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UPTs), and if a person wishes to deceive people and to cast religious political dust in their eyes, then the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PTsU) will be more suitable for him," the primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church replied to a question about what a person should do if he wavers between whether to transfer to the PTsU or to remain in the canonical church.


The arch-pastor emphasized that "we ask the latter to come to his senses and not deceive either others or himself, because deception is the invention of the father of lies, the devil, and it never leads to good."


"Let a person be true to God, to God's love, to love of people and love of truth, and it will be good for you not only in eternity but also here on earth," His Beatitude Onufry urged.


We recall that the primate of the UAPTs believes that there has been created in Ukraine not an Orthodox church but a political church of Ukraine, in which a person does not fulfill the will of God but forces God to fulfill his own will. (tr. by PDS, posted 23 July 2019)

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