Moscow church wins case in Ukrainian court, for now


Credo.Press, 23 July 2019


The sixth appeals administrative court of Kiev refused to grant the appeal of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture in the case about renaming the UPTsMP (from "Ukrainian Orthodox Church" to "Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine") and left in force the decision of the district administrative court of Kiev for suspending the forced renaming of the UPTsMP, Interfax reports on 23 July.


As is known, on 20 December 2018, the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine adopted a law requiring the UPTs MP to show in its official name its affiliation with the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. Meanwhile, the UPTsMP regarded this as an attempt to deprive it of its historical and legally established name and declared its intention to appeal the law in the Constitutional Court.


On 23 March, not long before the presidential election, the district administrative court of Kiev opened proceedings on a lawsuit by the UPTsMP for finding illegal the decision of the Ministry of Culture, which in implementing the law had required the church to show in its name its affiliation with the Moscow patriarchate, and on 22 April, this court stayed the process of compulsory renaming of the UPTsMP. In its turn, the Ministry of Culture filed an appeal, which has now been rejected.


At the same time, the law about renaming religious organizations that have their administrative centers on the territory of a state that has been recognized by the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine to be an aggressor state continues to be officially in effect. (tr. by PDS, posted 23 July 2019)

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