Ukrainian government adds bureaucracy to oversee religion


Interfax-Religiia, 21 August 2019


The Ukrainian cabinet of ministers approved an order regarding a Ukrainian state service of for ethnic policy and freedom of conscience.


"The document defines the main tasks and function of a state service of Ukraine for ethnic policy and freedom of conscience as a central agency of executive power whose activity is directed and coordinated by the Ukrainian cabinet of ministers through the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, for implementing governmental policy in the spheres of inter-ethnic relations, religion, and protection of the rights of national minorities," the press service of the Ministry of Culture says in a report.


It is noted that the chief tasks of the service will be raising the effectiveness of governmental policy aimed at ensuring public harmony, creating conditions for the development of all ethnic and religious communities of Ukraine, and observing generally accepted standards of human rights in the area of securing the rights of national minorities and freedom of religious confession.


It is expected that the activity of the new service will permit the improvement and expansion of instruments of governmental regulation in the sphere of guaranteeing the rights of national minorities and freedom of conscience for prompt and high quality resolution of issues associated with the protection of the rights of national minorities and the harmonization of state-church relations. (tr. by PDS, posted 21 August 2019)


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