Orthodox and Muslims both face public opposition to building


In Samara, signatures against construction of a building are being collected

Federal Press, 9 September 2019


An initiative group of citizens has organized a collection of signatures to prohibit construction of an Orthodox school on the territory of a stadium. Earlier it was proposed to allot a part of the territory to the Muslim community of Samara oblast for constructing a mosque.


The "Saliut" stadium, located in the village of Mekhzavod of the Krasnoglinsk district of Samara, has become a religious "stumbling block." Several sports facilities are located on the territory of the stadium: two football fields, a covered ice arena, an athletics gym, an open workout area, and walking paths. Also here, in the late 90s of the last century, a church of the Kazan Mother of God was erected. A part of the stadium is overgrown with trees and shrubs.


In August of this year, residents of the village were surprised to learn that it was intended to erect a mosque at the stadium next to the ice arena. An initiative group of Mekhzavodians collected, within one day, almost 1,000 signatures to prevent the construction and it presented them at public hearings. The Department of Construction of Samara rescinded permission for constructing a religious facility. The Muslim community is planning to continue to seek placing of a liturgical building on the basis that inter-religious hostility is not the best environment for neighborliness and appealing to the tolerance of Samarans.


Earlier the Samara Department of Construction issued a permit for construction of a general education Orthodox school on the same Saliut stadium (next to the church). The school is already operating, but it is on the first floor of a residential building. The number of pupils is growing and there is a need to find a new location. The Samara diocese decided to erect a full-fledged school, especially since the parcel of land on which it is intended to build it has been RPTs property since 2015 (according to the cadastral map). In July 2019 public hearings occurred and now work is underway to clear the area and prepare the site (4000 square meters). Having disagreed with the presence of a religious Muslim facility, Samarans just as decisively opposed the Orthodox one. As of now, a collection of signatures is underway for preventing the construction of the school.


We note that the construction ministry of Samara oblast has confirmed the legality of the RPTs's receiving a permit. (tr. by PDS, posted 10 September 2019)



SOVA Center for News and Analysis, 9 September 2019


In Samara, about 900 persons voted against construction of a mosque in village of Mekhzavod.


On 22 August 2019, in Samara, a project for constructing a mosque in the village of Mekhzavod was again rejected.


The formal reason for this decision, made at public hearings, was "897 negative opinions in written form," expressed against construction of a mosque.


We recall, the administration of the city allocated a plot of 1,000 square meters for building a mosque, although this is not the first year that the Muslim cannot get approval of the project, because of, among other reasons, the protest of local residents. A previous project was rejected in October 2017, and protests against building began even earlier, in October 2016. (tr. by PDS, posted 10 September 2019)

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