Russia forces religious organizations to provide security


Rossiiskia Gazeta, 11 September 2019


Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed an order that introduces requirements for antiterrorism protection of buildings of religious organizations. The document confirmed the requirements themselves and also the form of the security certificate of facilities of religious organizations and it prescribed the procedure of ensuring protection of buildings and territories from terrorist attacks.


The number of elements of protection of facilities will depend on their category, which will be determined on the basis of predicted numbers of victims in the event of a terrorist attack. The first category is more than 1,000 persons, the second, from 500 to 1,000 persons, and the third, from 50 to 500 persons.


It is projected to protect all facilities with lighting, fire suppression systems, and security guards during the conduct of worship services from among members of public organizations (for example, cossacks) and also private security organizations and other systems. Buildings of the second category will have additional systems of video surveillance and "panic buttons." And the first—in addition to the above—will have alarms, gates, and "physical security by private security organizations or paramilitary and security units supervised by the Russian Guard."


"The responsibility for carrying out the measures provided for by these requirements lies with the director of a religious organization (a person having the right to act without power of attorney in the name of the religious organization) who is the owner of the facility (territory) or uses it on another legal basis," the document says. (tr. by PDS, posted 12 September 2019)

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