Viceroy of southern region of Russia alarmed by Jehovah's Witnesses


Interfax-Religiia, 27 September 2019


The Russian presidential envoy in the Southern Federal District, Vladimir Ustinov, urged the regions to intensify the struggle with religious extremist organizations that are continuing to expand in the south of Russia.


"Special alarm is evoked by the spread among youth of aggressive nationalistic attitudes and ideas of religious and political extremism. One cannot but be concerned also by the development of activity of organizations representing the so-called 'new religions.' As a rule, these are totalitarian sects that are recruiting their adherents among youth," Ustinov said on Friday at a session of the council under the presidential envoy in Rostov-on-Don.


He noted that in the Kuban and in Volgograd and Rostov oblasts, representatives of a foreign nongovernmental organization have energetically conducted work for recruiting young people.


In Rostov oblast before May 2019, the religious extremist organization of Jehovah's Witnesses, which is banned in the RF, has continued to function, freely distributing its literature and actively recruiting youth.


Ustinov called the attention of security agencies to a cell of Jehovah's Witnesses in the city of Yeysk, whose members, according to his information, "built a nest there" and "are terrorizing the Orthodox church."


"It is entirely obvious that we are dealing with deliberate efforts of extremist organizations and individuals aimed at the subversive ideological development of youth and encouraging them in illegal activity," the presidential envoy added. (tr. by PDS, posted 27 September 2019)

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