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Revised September 1, 2013

Paul Steeves is professor emeritus of history at Stetson University, DeLand, Florida, where he taught for 41 years, retiring in May 2013.

He was graduated from the University of Kansas where he received his Ph.D. degree in Russian History. His specialty is the history of religion in Russia, with particular attention to the Baptists of Russia. He studied at Leningrad State University and made twelve trips to Russia between 1970 and 1993.

In the summer of 1992 he was a participant in a six-week history and art institute in St. Petersburg, Russia, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities. In the summer of 1993 he did research in archives in Moscow for eight weeks, under the auspices of a summer seminar sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

His publications include two books, Keeping the Faiths. Religion and Ideology in the Soviet Union (Holmes and Meier, 1989), and Church and State in the USSR. A Sourcebook (Stetson University, 1973, 1976). He was the editor of a multivolume reference work, The Modern Encyclopedia of Religions in Russia and Eurasia (Academic International Press, 1989- ), of which seven volumes have appeared.

His Ph.D. dissertation was entitled "Evangelical Awakening in Russia. The Russian Baptist Union, 1917-1935," for which he received the Oswald Prentiss Backus Award for Excellence in the Field of Russian and East European Studies for the University of Kansas in 1976.

Among his more than six dozen articles dealing with religion in Russia are the following:

"Russian Baptists and the Military Question, 1918-1929," Peter Brock and Thomas P. Socknat, ed., Challenge to Mars. Essays on Pacifism from 1918 to 1945 (Toronto, 1999), 21-40.
"The Canonization of Patriarch Tikhon as a Reflection of New Thinking in the Glasnost Era," (1996)
"Russian Orthodox Fascism after Glasnost" (1994)
"Christian Democrats in Russia, 1989-1993," Niels C. Nielsen, ed., Christianity after Communism (Boulder, 1994), 63-74.
"Gorbachev's Glasnost and Russian Religion," Pro Veritate (Fall 1989), 6-9.
"The 1983 Plenum and the Post-Brezhnev Anti-Religious Campaign," Journal of Church andState, Vol. 28 (1986), 439-458.
"Amendment of Soviet Law Concerning Religious Groups," Journal of Church and State, Vol. 19 (1977), 37-52.
"Aleksandr Karev: Evangelical in a Communist Land," Fides et Historia (Spring, 1976), 61-79.
Professor Steeves received Stetson University's McInery Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1979 and the Homer and Dolly Hand Senior Scholar Award for Excellence in Research in 1989.

Professor Steeves is the editor of the Russia Religion News web page ( which provides information about religious activity on the territory of the former Soviet Union, most of which comes from Russian news media.