International elder law expert visits Stetson Law, discusses issues impacting aging populations around the world

“Around the world, the elderly struggle for fundamental social and political rights, and face poverty, lack of healthcare and support systems,” said Dr. Israel “Issi” Doron, a law professor and practicing attorney from Israel, who talked with Stetson Law students on Sept. 29 in Gulfport.  “Women, children, people with disabilities have a convention, yet older people are not a protected class.”

Dr. Israel Doron spoke with students at Stetson Law on Sept. 29. Photo by Steven Lacks

Dr. Israel Doron spoke with students at Stetson Law on Sept. 29. Photo by Steven Lacks.

Dr. Doron spoke with students about how the field of elder law is expanding into traditional practice areas and across international borders. He is visiting the Stetson Law Gulfport campus through November.

“Stetson’s Center for Excellence in Elder Law is well known throughout the world, and I am honored to have this opportunity to visit for two months to work with faculty and students,” said Dr. Doron.

Dr. Doron, an expert in aging issues and social policy, is a lecturer at the School of Social Work, Department of Gerontology, and Faculty of Law at the University of Haifa, Israel.

He said he has seen a boom in the area of elder law in the past 10 years. Declining birth rates, coupled with increased longevity, have resulted in aging populations around the world. Aging populations require unique legal services, dealing with issues ranging from patients’ rights to equal work opportunities for seniors and the elderly.

In addition to serving on the faculty at the University of Haifa, Dr. Doron works with the Association of Law in the Service of the Elderly, an Israeli NGO that promotes the rights of the elderly in Israel through advocacy and legal activities. His interests span comparative law, public international elder law, and private international elder law. Dr. Doron plans to return to Israel in January to direct the Gerontology Department at the University of Haifa.

Stetson offers an LL.M. degree in elder law, directed by Boston Asset Management Chair in Elder Law and Elder Law Center director Rebecca Morgan. In 2010, Dr. Doron edited the book, Theories on Law and Ageing: The Jurisprudence of Elder Law, in which Professor Morgan contributed a chapter.

Stetson Law’s Elder Law LL.M. program offers practicing attorneys a convenient online curriculum. Stetson is also home to the elder-friendly Eleazer Courtroom, dedicated in 2005 as a model for accessibility. The Journal of International Aging, Law & Policy is housed at Stetson.