Why study in Ireland and England? Stetson teaches advocacy on the other side of the Atlantic


Former Crown Prosecutor Gillian More lectured this summer during Stetson’s study abroad in Oxford. Photo courtesy Professor Charles Rose.

This summer, Stetson University College of Law added new program offerings, teaching the top-ranked Stetson method of advocacy to lawyers and law students in England and Ireland.

Stetson’s inaugural summer comparative trial advocacy program in Oxford, England, taught 40 students from eight law schools the Stetson theory of advocacy, from the fundamentals of rhetoric, psychology and storytelling through practice and application.

“The program in Oxford matches Stetson’s unparalleled advocacy program with the education capital of the world,” said JR Swanegan, director of graduate and international programs at Stetson.

“This program is an advocacy retreat in the heart of learning for Western civilization: Oxford, England,” said Professor Charles Rose, director of the Center for Excellence in Advocacy at Stetson.

Law students traveled to attend the two-week program at St. Hugh’s College in Oxford, England, from Puerto Rico, India, the U.S. and the U.K. Guest lecturers included attorneys and judges from England, Scotland and Ireland.

“The culmination of the course was a trial, with students trying an American case in an English courtroom,” said Professor Rose, who traveled to England to teach the program along with several guest instructors.

“The comparative trial advocacy course was not just about learning how to work as a professional and cohesive team, how to zealously advocate, or how to break down a case and stand in the well of a courtroom with confidence,” said second-year Stetson Law student Carolina Melinda Suazo. The Stetson Alternative Dispute Resolution Board and Trial Team member remarked that the program helped prepare her for advocacy board tryouts. “The course is about finding your voice and style as an advocate and as a medium for justice,” said Suazo.

Judge Porcelli presented at the destination CLE in Ireland.

Judge Porcelli presented at the destination CLE in Ireland. Photo courtesy Mercy Roberg.

“I believe that the Oxford program gave me an opportunity to see who I am as an advocate and future lawyer, and I absolutely believe that it was beneficial for my career goals,” said second-year student Alexis L. Petrosino, who attended Stetson’s summer Oxford program. “I would absolutely recommend this program, especially to students who are interested in litigation and advocacy.”

Next year’s comparative trial advocacy program is scheduled for July 31-August 13, 2016, in Oxford, England. Professor Rose offered a sneak peek at next year’s program, in which students will immerse themselves in a tour of London and then follow the footsteps of the infamous Jack the Ripper, discussing various scenarios pieced together from evidence. Professor Rose will join six guest instructors to teach the two-week program.

This summer, for the second year in a row, Stetson offered its popular advocacy skills course in Dublin, Ireland. Eighty-four students, including lawyers and law students, learned the Stetson method of advocacy in Ireland. The students attended plenary sessions and worked on their advocacy skills to present a case. Five professors taught the compressed continuing legal education program.

“We are looking at more opportunities to expand the program in Ireland and beyond,” said Professor Rose. “We are offering a CLE for U.S. attorneys  in Cuba in April of 2016.”

This July, Stetson also offered a destination CLE in Ireland on Technology in Litigation in the Silicon Valley of Europe. The international CLE program was offered in Dublin, home to industry giants like Twitter, Google and Intel and an international hub for business, law and technology. Stetson partnered with the Law Society of Ireland to offer the two-and-a-half day, 14-credit CLE program.

“The program benefits any attorney interested in how technology is impacting their practice,” said Mercy Roberg, director of the Office of Professional Education at Stetson Law.

“Being a highly adaptable problem-solver is critical to any attorney,” said Swanegan. “Studying abroad also gives students an opportunity to build an international network and make friends and contacts in other countries.”

Stetson continues to offer a fall semester abroad program on international comparative law in London, England.

Stetson Law offers summer study abroad opportunities for students in England, the Netherlands, Spain and fall intercession and spring break programs in the Cayman Islands and Cuba. Stetson is also developing a study abroad program in Korea.

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