Professor authors first-of-its-kind deskbook on U.S. domestic adoption law and policy

Stetson Professor of Law Cynthia Hawkins DeBose recently published a first-of-its-kind deskbook detailing U.S. domestic adoption law and policy, with 14 chapters addressing critical adoption law and policy topics, a chart of the current statutes from 50 states, a detailed bibliography, and a discussion of key federal legislation.

Professor Cynthia Hawkins DeBose

Professor Cynthia Hawkins DeBose

Mastering Adoption Law and Policy is designed to serve as a reference for family law attorneys, adoption law attorneys, adoption professionals and law students, providing both in-depth discussion and analysis of adoption law.

“While conducting interdisciplinary research, I discovered there wasn’t a good desk reference for adoption law,” said Professor DeBose. “This deskbook is an easy guide that everyone from social workers to lawyers and law students can use.”

Professor DeBose said that she views the book as a snapshot of the law. Up-to-the-minute changes in the rules regarding same-sex adoption and Native American adoption law are part of the book’s dynamic content, the professor said

For more information, visit the Carolina Academic Press website.