In order to change the world, you have to start with you: Student, parent, describes the path from Jamaica to Stetson law school

Alexander Howell and baby Nathan Howell.

Alexander Howell and baby Nathan Howell.

Alexander Howell always knew he wanted to go to law school. As a rising track star who is originally from Jamaica, the second-year Stetson Law student said he chose the college that would best finance his education and put him on the path to law school. That path took him to Cincinnati, Ohio, and then Lake Wales, Florida, where he finished his undergraduate work in finance, and also met his wife. Soon after graduating from Warner University in Lake Wales, Alexander and his wife Teiharhah got married and moved to Miami. The plan was law school for Alexander and medical school for Teiharhah. When the couple found out they were pregnant, there were suddenly three people on the path.

Alexander says he balances three roles, as husband, dad and student, by having someone to talk to and relax with, a support system. With an 18-month-old at home, Alexander and Teiharhah share shifts caring for the baby. Alexander also takes breaks, spending time at home with his wife and son.

“My son Nathan is a constant reminder of why I’m doing this,” said Alexander. A finance whiz who is inspired by economic injustice, Alexander said that he aspires to be a voice for people who don’t have a voice.

“I want to be a corporate attorney dealing with commercial litigation. We need people in the boardroom to give balanced representation and a voice to all people: black, brown, all people,” said Alexander.

Before starting law school, Alexander worked in the law firm James M. Weaver, P.A. in Lake Wales, to make sure this was the kind of work he wanted. He researched law schools, and read about the challenges, competitiveness, and expense.  He was determined to find his niche in the legal world.

After a visit to Stetson Law school in Gulfport, Florida, and a personal phone call from a professor, Alexander knew he’d found the law school that was the best fit. His wife also found a niche at the University of South Florida, where she is finishing her undergraduate degree with plans to start medical school in 2017.

Alexander is busy studying and clerking for Florida Sixth Judicial Circuit Judge James Pierce when he isn’t spending time with his family.  In the summer, he will intern with Henderson Franklin. He said he plans to be board certified to distinguish himself in the practice. He also has an interest in shaping change in politics. “The right wing and left wing division in politics makes no sense,” said Alexander. “They are both wings of the same bird.”

“In order to change the world, you have to start with you,” said Alexander. “If you’re thinking about law school, make sure this is what you want to do and have a plan.”

Asked if he can offer any advice to parents with young children who are thinking about law school, Alexander laughs. “My mentor advised me to start reading my law books out loud–they put kids right to sleep.”